S.O.S. Save Our Seals

The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration is facing a “Sunset Review” in 2016.   State agencies and their functions “Sunset” or expire unless periodically reauthorized by the legislature.

The Chapter has retained a lobbyist, Robert Shuler, as the profession enters the “Sunset” review process for licensure in Arizona. During sunset review the state reviews certain regulations to determine whether they are necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Sunset review impacts architects, engineers, and land surveyors, as well landscape architects – anyone that is licensed and is regulated by the Board of Technical Registration (BoTR).

Sunset review represent a threat to landscape architecture practice as we now know it. Potential loss of licensure from deregulation can impact who can practice, how we qualify and maintain reciprocity to work in other states, and the ability for landscape architects to compete in the marketplace with other professionals.

So that we can be better prepared to educate legislators on what landscape architects contribute to Arizona, Mr. Shuler is introducing us to state lawmakers and reaching out to the landscape architecture community to ask you to identify political leaders you might know, so we can communicate with them about the positive impacts that Landscape Architects have on society, economy, quality of life, health, safety, and welfare.

You would be surprised how many folks don’t know that we don’t just plant shrubs and trees!!

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