Studio Kanini

Honor Award - Student Collaborative
Jesse Westad, Arizona State University
The goal of the semester was to design workforce housing (affordable housing complex and a mental health clinic on a 4-acre site in downtown Phoenix to benefit Native America Connections (NAC). NAC is a non-profit organization that serves families and individuals through Native American culturally appropriate behavioral health, affordable housing, and community development services. In order to fulfill development to address the needs of the underserved and vulnerable populations within the urban fabric of downtown Phoenix. In order to fulfill this daunting task an interdisciplinary team of students was put together with backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, biomedical informatics, design of healthcare and hearing environments, as well as exercise and wellness. The team delivered not only design to the client but also a robust research brief to advance the conversation of community building and evidence based design. Construction is currently underway on the project.

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