Pima County Low Impact Development & Green Infrastructure

Honor Award - Analysis and Planning
Pima County Regional Flood Control District
The Low Impact Development (LID) Working Group was formed to gather information to create a detailed guide for our community to manage stormwater. This Group consists of a mega-disciplinary cross section. As we gathered information, it became clear that the majority of current practices for managing bountiful rainfall on the east coast or northwest forests had little to do with the unique conditions of the desert. Typically we receive 12” annual rainfall. We realized quickly there was limited knowledge of our local conditions, making the publication of this manual all the more critical. We also realized no matter how beneficial and critical our group thought LID was, the community at large was still very much uninformed. This manual provides technical guidance for professionals and homeowners for implementing neighborhood-scale Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure (GI) practices within Pima County’s desert climate. The basic concepts of LID and GI are discussed, with emphasis on why rainwater harvesting and conservation through LID/ GI planning and structural practices is relevant to managing our natural resources. The manual contains guidance in the following categories: The Site Assessment, Planning and Design Process GI/LID Planning Practices Structural LID Practices Common LID Components Inspection and Maintenance of GI/ LID Practices

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