Lehi Green Link

Award of Excellence - Student Collaborative
Anna Chen + Vincent Vhung + Nathaniel Kirby
Initiative to revitalize derelict landscapes along the Rio Salado corridor, where gravel mines and landfills are commonplace, emerged from a dedicated Mesa community. The community vision was to enhance existing Sheepherders Park and utilize the surrounding land, canals, falls and trails to create a truly unique community space. Lehi Green Link provides a solution that will contribute to the success and needs of the community while also setting the framework for thriving natural landscapes through green infrastructure, landscape ecology and habitat restoration efforts. Lehi Green Link connects Caballo del Rio Trailhead and habitat restoration to Cascades at Lehi and its adjacent neighborhoods. The two sites are linked to the rest of Mesa through an urban trail system including hiking, biking, equestrian, complete streets and enhanced canal paths. Cascades at Lehi is transformed into a cultural space primarily focused on arts and recreation. The park’s program includes open picnic meadows, a hammock grove, cactus sculpture garden, sport fields and performance amphitheater. Caballo del Rio Trailhead (Horse of the River), located adjacent to Rio Salado and Tyler Farms Arabian horse stables, focuses on the preservation and restoration of the region’s native habitats.

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