Honor Award - Student Individual
Baldwin Saew, University of Arizona
This design revolves around the concept of celebration. It is intended to celebrate the students, celebrate the environment, and celebrate design. As the focal point of the arts section of the college, this plaza would be a place of relaxation, revitalization, and inspiration. The design is directly informed by observation and site analysis. The site is programmed to be a place of both environmental stewardship as well as allow for events and social gatherings. Some of the site amenities include shaded seating, an open hardscape gathering space, and bike parking. The overall plan follows an eco-revelatory perspective to enhance the environmental conditions while offering cultural infrastructure. In this way, the project pushes the bar of sustainable design by incorporating bioswales for water harvesting and stormwater mitigation as well as considering irrigation techniques from rooftop runoff. The site is currently a parking lot, a place for cars. My project offers a new vision for this lot that will enable a regenerative ecology to unfold and that is designed at a pedestrian scale.

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