Eastmark - DU7 South

President's Award - Award of Excellence - General Design
Eastmark is the Heart and Hub of the East Valley. Eastmark is designed to integrate intimate neighborhoods with each other, their community elements, the Eastmark Great Park and the adjacent neighborhoods to achieve the community goal of “living well over time.” The neighborhoods are designed with connected living in mind. On-street pedestrian corridors and necklace streets link the neighborhood parks into a singular system. The neighborhood parks are designed to be extensions of the home front yards. The Eastmark design guidelines encourage the homes to be pushed to the front setback line, which is generally 5’ off the sidewalk. This promotes larger private areas in the rear yards and allows the parks to act as neighborhood public gathering spaces.To encourage socialization the neighborhood parks integrate fixed and free play activities with a comfortable space for gathering for the adults. Custom shade structures, fire pits, moveable furniture and free play areas encourage the neighbors to stay longer and return more often. Each park is unique in its design. The concept is to encourage the neighbors to not only enjoy and take pride in their park but to travel to the others to experience other activities and extended socialization. Native parks and washes with desert discovery activities are contrasted with rose and parterre gardens surrounding children’s playhouses, stages and climbing structures. There are activities for every age in the Eastmark neighborhood parks. The landscape palette was designed with the idea of “Desert Urbanism” in mind. Natives, desert adapted and ornamentals are integrated to create a unique palette unlike any in the southwest. The project perimeter is designed with native planting as a connection to our Sonoran Desert and to keep/re-establish wildlife corridors and breeding areas. In addition, the design integrated gabions for insect life, Hawk poles and water harvesting.

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