Symbiotic Urban Water System

Award of Excellence - Student Individual
Ali Abbaszadegan
Opportunities do not come often in a student’s studio career where they can live in another country for a semester and work on meaningful social projects directly tied to landscape architecture. The project in this packet is the culmination of a years work across two countries (Argentina + U.S.A) and two masters degrees (Landscape Architecture + Architecture). Working alongside the municipality of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires this project proposed solutions to dire ecological challenges in the lower economic areas of the metropolis. Through extensive research, mapping and gathering of materials about informal settlements the project became a tool that proposes to place pieces of community infrastructure (high school) that would revitalize a historic wetland that has turned into a landfill. The issues of unsustainable practices, water management and social welfare all culminate within this area called Comuna 8. This area will serve as a pilot project for the city and will act as a case study to other sites across the globe that face similar challenges of how to manage and plan for social housing public space, urban ecology, context related building typology and sustainable infrastructure. This area contains strong assets like the Riachuelo River and an abundance of water flowing through the site. The main plan will be to focus on using existing infrastructure as an armature to help revive the lost landscape and design a network of connected greenways that will rejuvenate the polluted and strained ecosystem of the Banado (wetland) spanning the full distance of the metropolitan. After working with local officials and presenting the project real change began to take place. Having spoken to people living in this area we knew they had enough of the poor conditions and the city responded beautifully with the beginnings of an incredible transformation.

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